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Studio Collections

Welcome to our collection of semi-custom designs that are just waiting for your personal touch. They can be customised through colours, card selections, embellishments, die-cuts and print methods, so you will have something truly special and exclusively yours. Have a browse through the designs and when you find your favourite, scroll to the end of the page to fill in an enquiry form.

Several Open Books

coming soon!


This invitation suite is a nod to the nostalgic. A celebration of slow and lovely. Featuring delicate details like fine twine, wax seals, envelope liners and traditional serif fonts. This suite is designed for the sentimental romantics who are inspired by poetry and love stories. The ones who adore soft linens, fresh flowers and handmade cotton paper. Upgrade to gold foil or letterpress printing for that old world charm.  


This timeless and considered design will remain full of life for more than a season. Featuring classic serif and decorative typefaces, it represents an eternal and everlasting love. For couples who wish to express their green philosophy through their stationery and décor, we present our eco-friendliest option. Choose from handmade cotton paper or recycled card stocks to reflect your desire for ecological balance. Signage choices include lovely linen, that you may wish to keep beyond your wedding day (perhaps framed or in a keepsake box) or our new environmentally friendly eco board that is also recyclable. Evergreen is for the love that is always as new as it was in the beginning.


coming soon!

Fountain Pen

coming soon!


This invitation suite is reminiscent of a romantic letter, a shared memory, a heartfelt declaration of love. It features a handwritten style with beautiful flourishes that convey a hopeful excitement for the big day. As with all of our semi-custom designs, you can adjust the wording to be as formal or relaxed as you like. Your day, your way! 


This is a beautiful, contemporary suite with just a hint of magic! A minimalist style featuring sans serif typeface and neutral colour palette. Extra-spectacular with a touch of shimmery foil on the moon and stars. You may choose to add some embellishments to your suite, such as the patterned envelope liners, a monogram of your initials and star signs or our divine moon wax seals. The sky is the limit! (See what we did there?) Love you to the moon and back!

Full Moon

coming soon!

Rose Bush

coming soon!


These beautiful invitations combine joyful hand lettering  with a traditional serif typeface. They are designed for the dreamers, the nature lovers and the quiet yet whimsical souls who love to wander through enchanted gardens. Perfectly suited for some colour, you can choose from one of our curated colour collections, or we can create a custom palette just for you! Tie it all together with some hand dyed silk ribbon or some earthy twine and you'll have a romantic, garden party invitation suite! If you would like to personalise it further, we have even more options such as floral envelope liners,  line drawings and wax seals.


An invitation for the modern romantics. It beautifully combines a delicate sans serif typeface with another that looks like a handwritten note you might leave your love as you head off to work in the morning. For an extra dose of sweetness and a cohesive feel, add your favourite quote or song lyric on the details card and then again on the welcome sign for when your guests arrive. We also have a dainty bow illustration and wax seal to symbolise your love and loyalty to each other as you tie the knot.

Bride and Groom

coming soon!

Image by Sean Oulashin

coming soon!


This suite is for the laidback lovers and tropical destination weddings. This design evokes feelings of warm sunsets & sand between your toes. Perfectly suited to textured card stocks and soft colour palettes. Tie them all together with delicate twine or sand coloured silk ribbon. And we recommend a seashell wax seal to complete the look.


This traditional invitation features a classic serif typeface with decorative calligraphy for your names, creating a magical, once-upon-a-time moment. It has a delicate line border and the option of adding a monogram or crest from our illustration collections - how divine! Continue to enchant your guests with velvet ribbon, layered cards and a wax seal.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

coming soon!

Image by Guillaume Galtier

coming soon!


Think fairy floss skies and a wedding day beyond your wildest dreams! This super sweet invitation includes a fresh, modern typeface with a playful and romantic script. Perfectly matched with the carefree souls who explore the world with an open heart. Those who delight in whimsical details and enchanting places. Your dream stationery begins here. 

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