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How to Order

We have a gorgeous collection of semi-custom designs that are ready to go and just waiting for your personal touch. They can be cusomised through colours, card pairings, embellishments and print methods, to create something beautiful and unique.

If you find endless options a bit overwhelming and would like a simple starting point in your stationery journey, or perhaps you are a bit limited on time, then a semi-custom design could be perfect for you!


Choose your favourite design and a colour palette to compliment your wedding style and leave the rest to us!


Please see our FAQ, T&C and Shipping pages for more information. And just ask if you have any questions x

An example of a semi-custom order...

  1. I have chosen the Forever studio collection

  2. I would like the Ballet Slipper colour paletteI am happy with digital printing, but I would like to add bow wax seals.

  3. I've completed the enquiry form at the bottom of the Forever page, and selected the stationery and signage pieces we will need. Quote approved, deposit paid, we're in the schedule!

  4. I have filled in the forms with all of our wedding day information, plus our guest list. Colours, card stocks and upgrades are locked in.

  5. Can't wait to see our stationery design proof!!


Ever After Stationery 9.jpg

Custom design might be for you, if you have more time available, unique ideas that you'd like to explore, and a larger budget to play with.

We can design all of your stationery and signage pieces to compliment your style, your celebration and your story. Whether you need custom illustrations, die cuts, elegant letterpress or special embellishments, we will create a beautiful cohesive feel, where all of your wedding stationery is carefully chosen and thoughtfully designed.

Fill in a Custom Enquiry form (the more detail the better!) and we'll get back to you with a quote and design proposal within 2-3 business days.

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